The 10th edition of steelChallenge will take place in two rounds. The first round of the Regional Championship will take place online over a 24 hour period starting 12.00 GMT on 20 January 2016. The second round, the World Championships, will take place in London, United Kingdom, on 11 April 2016. In an exciting development, the World Championship award ceremony will take place in the presence of company leaders from the world steel industry.

The Challenge

steelChallenge-10 will utilise steeluniversity's Electric Arc Furnace steelmaking simulation. Competitors are tasked to produce a grade of steel meeting technical requirements at the lowest total cost. The simulation will use a grade of steel specifically design for steelChallenge-10.

Competitors may undertake unlimited ‘runs’ of the simulation during the 24-hour competition period. A ‘run’ is concluded when the simulation has completed the set time, the result has been registered in the competition database, and the competitor has received a confirmation of successful completion.

The 3 best ‘runs’ of each competitor will be averaged to determine their score and placement in the Regional Championship. Therefore, to qualify as Regional Champion, at least 3 ‘runs’ must be successfully completed.

Eligible Participants

Participation in steelChallenge-10 is for individuals who are either students or in industry.

The student category is for individuals who are enrolled in studies at an accredited academic institution at the time of the registration period, up to the time of the Regional Championship. Enrolment may be full-time or part-time.

The industry category is for individuals in steel companies and the steel industry supply chain having less than 5 years of experience. The supply chain includes companies who supply the steel industry, who manufacture steel, or are customers of the steel industry. Individuals who may be both working in the steel industry and a student shall register in the industry category.

Note both students and industry competitors will participate as individuals.


Registration for steelChallenge-10 will open 21 October 2015. A registration link will be made available from this page at that time.

Each competitor must register for steelChallenge-10 on the steeluniversity website by midnight UTC on 19 January 2016. To complete the registration, each individual must provide their name, organisation, address, email and telephone number. Each individual must also indicate whether they are participating in the student or industry category.

Registration Fee

There is no fee for students to compete in steelChallenge-10.

The registration fee for industry competitors is €24.99 (+21% VAT if applicable) per person.


steelChallenge-10 was generously sponsored by:

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The international expert on electric arc furnace technology Jeremy Jones joins steelChallenge-10 team. Mr Jones is the current chairman of worldsteel's Electical Arc Furnace (EAF) Expert Group and will take part in the audit process of steelChallenge-10. The simulation results will be audited to check they are not exploiting unexpected and/or unrealistic behaviours. The official results of steelChallenge-10 will be announced following the audit process.

Read more about Jeremy Jones


Contact us by email at if you have any questions about steelChallenge-10.